Soothe Vegan CBD Gummies (5ct)

Soothe Vegan Cannabidiol Gummies (5ct)
Soothe Vegan Cannabidiol Gummies (5ct)

Soothe Vegan CBD Gummies (5ct)


Curious about Soothe CBD? Soothes five pack of Nano CBD Gummies offers 50mg of Nano CBD along with terpenes, B12 Vitamins, and electrolytes. Start your day the right way with a healthy boost from Soothe!

Soothe gummies are some of the tastiest vegan treats on the market. Each gummy is made with 10mg of nano isolate CBD and contains electrolytes and B12 vitamins. They are a great post workout supplement to aid in muscle recovery and they’re also great in aiding hangover recovery.

Ingredients: 40mg of CO2 Extracted Isolate CBD used to create 400mg of nano CBD, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Organic Terpenes (for flavor and effect), Agar Agar, Agave Syrup, Electrolytes, Vitamin B12

Nano CBD Gummies May Help :

  • Calm down and unwind

  • Alleviate discomfort and muscle soreness

  • Increase energy and focus

Instructions: Chew the gummies completely for best results. Start with 1-2 gummies daily and increase as needed.

Details :

  • Nano CBD Gummies

  • Organic CBD Gummies

  • 40 Gummies per bottle

  • 10mg of Nano CBD per Gummy

  • Weight: 40g