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Meet Müru

Müru is a tight knit Oregon-based company committed to bringing you high quality, all natural, and ethically-sourced hemp consumables. The Müru team lives active, creative lifestyles and finds inspiration in the bountiful nature of the pacific northwest. They pull from their training in the worlds of naturopathy, herbalism, nutritional therapy, and biochemistry to inform every decision they make as a company.

Try this Recipe

Try this refreshing mocktail : Winter Jamaica Spiced Tea. The mix of spices with Müru’s CBD Elixir will kick your chill factor into overdrive.

Müru’s Water-Based Elixir will have you CBDrinking your way to ultimate relief.

Courtesy of Chelsea Smith @thebakedunicornqueen

CBD for Beginners

As someone who has struggled with extreme anxiety for years, I’ve constantly had trouble finding the right solution. I knew that the “quick fix” anti-depressant or sedative wasn’t the answer for me. Actually, more often than not, I felt that such an alternative would only lead to more serious problems down the road. So, like many people I know, I have been trying to suppress my stress in other more conventional ways such as…

Meet East Fork

East Fork Cultivars, founded by brothers Aaron and Nathan Howard, are highly regarded producers of CBD-rich Hemp. They are inspired by their brother Wesley, who suffered from a rare medical condition.

Meet Grön

The Grön team cares! They love the earth, its provisions, the people they work with, and the high quality ingredients they source. They put care into each product they make for you.

Meet Liv, our Brand Curator

Liv Vasquez, our brand curator, brings her years of experience as a CBD educator, chef, recipe writer, and restauranteur to you. She plays a vital role in selecting the best products and most vital information for you.