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Tintures are fast acting and the most common form of CBD. One of the best ways to absorb CBD is “sublingually” or under the tongue.

By holding a CBD oil tincture under the tongue, it absorbs through glands helping to absorb cannabinoids efficiently and quickly.

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 under 350 MG

Perfect for CBD beginners or those using a micro-dosing method.

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350 - 750 MG

The most popular dosage level, and “just right” for most.

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800 - 1500 MG

The highest strength dosage. Great for seeing maximum health benefits.


Flavored tinctures are excellent for those who prefer a bit of flavor to compliment the earthiness of full spectrum CBD.

Flavored tinctures are also wonderfully used in a plethora of different recipes from cocktails to sorbets.


Water-soluble CBD…

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Isolate, broad spectrum, full spectrum, full plant extract