Wildflower CBD+ Relief Tincture, Orange Mint - 30ml, 1000mg


Wildflower CBD+ Relief Tincture, Orange Mint - 30ml, 1000mg


1000mg of CBD 

Highly concentrated with full-spectrum CBD, Wildflower’s Relief tinctures are best suited for those in need of quick and effective relief.  The orange-mint flavor masks the strong smell and taste of CBD, making it easy to keep under your tongue longer for maximum absorption.

This hemp-based CBD product contains less than .03% THC.

 Benefits + Features

  • 33mg of CBD per dropper

  • High CBD content 

  • Full-spectrum CBD derived from naturally-grown hemp plants

  • All natural plant-based formula 

  • Alcohol-Free

  • Pesticide-free, fertilizer-free, and Non-GMO

  • All natural, Orange-Mint flavor makes it easy to take

  • Sublingual (under the tongue) intake is fast-absorbing for quick effect

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Promotes overall health

  • Supplements the endocannabinoid system—perhaps the most important physiological system involved in maintaining human health.

  • Joint and muscle pain relief

  • Anxiety relief

  • Increases focus and clarity

  • Helps build immunity

Ingredients : 

  • Coconut oil

  • Whole plant extract (CBD)

  • Natural flavors

  • Milk thistle extract

Suggested Usage: Start with 1-2 droppers per day, adjust as desired. Squeeze and hold rubber bulb for a "full dropper" (oil should fill half of dropper). Drop under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow.