The White Label Promise: The Best In CBD


These are exciting times for CBD. New information about CBD is constantly made available. Laws and regulations are evolving quicker than ever. Consumers are presented with an ever expanding assortment of CBD products from a growing array of producers. Innovative research results regarding the benefits of CBD are published regularly. It seems that everywhere you look there is news about CBD!

This is good news for all of us. At the same time, it is more important than ever to fully understand the products we are consuming and the manufacturers behind them.  Not all ingredients are created equal. Labels are often inaccurate.  

We view our mission in two parts. First, is to thoroughly evaluate each product before we introduce it to you to ensure it meets our standards. Second, is to constantly seek knowledge about CBD and share it with those who also wish to be enlightened about this amazing gift from the Earth.

We use our close relationships with our brand partners to provide you with transparency into the products we offer so that you can also form an intimate connection with CBD. We aim to provide you with information so you can make educated choices that are best for you. 

Before offering an item to you, we evaluate it using our proprietary processes. These processes are inspired by the highest regulatory testing standards in the country, as well as our own vision for the products we want to offer you. 


Some of our criteria is as follows: 

Production and business practices We only partner with companies that treat the Earth as well as their employees and other stakeholders in the most ethical manner. Good energy in = good energy for you.  Plus, it’s the right thing to do.

Origin Each state has different rules and regulations and we believe it is important to know the source of each product.

Testing We require that each product be lab tested and we evaluate the results to ensure compliance with our standards before approving it for sale to you. We evaluate test results for both the finished product and the CBD. We analyze the information from the state in which the product was produced as well as additional data from private laboratories.  

Ingredients Each product must have a detailed ingredient list, as well as test results confirming its accuracy.

CBD quality We research many factors including the bioavailability of the product (the ability of your body to access the CBD), that the flower source is from a reputable cultivator (including Clean Green Certified and organic), and that the farm passes testing for absence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins in their groundwater and soil.

Extraction process We evaluate the CBD extraction process. For example, we consider if the CBD is isolate or full spectrum. We also analyze the extraction process (ethanol, water, CO2, or hydrocarbon). Our goal is to offer you CBD extracted utilizing the best possible methods.

Brand We also strive to know the evolution of the brand so we can seek to form a connection with it. We like to understand the focus of the brand and what drives the producer’s passion for it. We find that the best products are made by people who love what they do and the products they offer.

Rest assured that any product we offer to you is a product we love and use ourselves. We hope that you will be able to benefit from the work that we strive to do and to form the connection with CBD that you seek.   

We would love to hear from you including any feedback you have on our processes, thoughts on any of our products, or ideas on how we can do better.  

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