Meet East Fork

East Fork Cultivars, founded by brothers Aaron and Nathan Howard, are highly regarded producers of CBD-rich Hemp. Their focus on potent CBD strains is inspired by their brother Wesley, who suffered from seizures caused by a rare medical condition. The brothers were motivated to try CBD because of its reputation as an effective alternative treatment for other seizure-prone conditions.

EFC grows Hemp that has been sustainably grown and cultivated on their certified organic farm in Southern Oregon’s Illinois Valley. As a part of their process, the soil is tested regularly and no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are ever used.  They only sell products that they know are safe for their families and friends. Their harvest is also found as an ingredient in the offerings of many other brands made and sold across the country.

EFC is a company dedicated to developing and preserving sustainable sun-grown farming methods to produce higher-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich craft hemp with an absolute commitment to education and environmental and social responsibility. We are very proud to offer you their products.