Meet Grön


The Grön team cares! They love the earth, its provisions, the people they work with, and the high quality ingredients they source. They put care into each product they make in order to provide you with honest fine chocolates and lifestyle products with rich nuanced flavors and scents. Grön is committed to fairness, sustainability, minimal environmental impact, and enhancing communities. Their ingredients are locally sourced, organic, and provided by local partners in order to make people happy and a difference, “one bite at a time”.

We have Christine Smith to thank for Grön and its award winning products. Combining curiosities around tempering chocolate and a marketplace limited to gritty treats wrapped in cellophane, she applied her rich understanding of thoughtful proportions and exacting composition to start Grön in 2014. Christine takes a principled approach to environmentally smart business practices. She is also a leader in the development of the CBD market. 

We are proud to bring an array of award-winning Grön products to you.  Grön is not only our favorite chocolate, but they’re also leading the way in CBD beauty products.  We love their rejuvenating masks and balms!