Meet Liv, our Brand Curator

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Meet Liv Vasquez, our brand curator. Liv brings her years of experience as a CBD educator, chef, recipe writer, and restauranteur to you. She plays a vital role in selecting the best products and most vital information for you.

Liv is based in Portland, Oregon which has become a hub of CBD science and innovation. Liv has worked with everyone from farms to doctor recommended medical patients and recreational consumers to educate herself about the cultivation, laws, marketing, and science of CBD by submerging herself in CBD culture. 

Liv consults and writes recipes for brands that want to add CBD to their product. She hosts events all over the country that use local foods as an educational tool to help her audience learn more about ethical Hemp products and proper dosing while eating delicious, microdosed, plant based foods. Doing this has enabled Liv to educate her clients/guests and assist them in fully understanding the efficacy, absorption, and ingredients and procedures necessary for the production of a clean and effective product.