Celebrating Women's History in the Making : Conversation 6

Continuing our month-long celebration of women, we sat down with Lauren Hackney, CBD enthusiast, Medical Aesthetician at New York Dermatology Group, and White Label Market friend customer + friend.


WLM:  Tell us about what got you started with CBD?

LH:  I am always on the hunt for plant-based anti-inflammatory items that are nutrient-rich and calming. When I came across CBD at a meditation center I had to try it! It was the "stress relieving" claim that first had me try CBD, and once I did, I noticed so many other benefits: joint pain decreased, better sleep, less anxiety, and more energy during the day. It was 3 months after consistently taking CBD that I started to investigate multiple companies and research what CBD was all about. 

WLM: How has CBD helped your day-to-day life?

LH:  I am naturally a calm person, but living in New York can be stressful. On a daily basis, I integrate ways to de-stress: yoga, meditation, infrared saunas, float tanks, and food. CBD happens to be one I depend on to alleviate stress and anxiety and it has made a great difference with joint pain. I am a medical aesthetician and work with my hands all day. At the end of most days, my fingers and wrists become tired and stiff. Taking CBD has drastically changed this. 

WLM:  What’s your recommendation for using CBD for the first time? What advice would you give new users on how to dose and what to expect? 

LH:  I recommend CBD to my patients and advise them to start with the recommended dosage on the bottle (typically 10mg) and increase from there if needed. Also, I always mention when taking CBD you will not feel psychoactive effects but simply be calm and relaxed. 

WLM: Have you noticed an improvement with skin conditions such as eczema or acne when CBD is incorporated? 

LH:  I have seen improvement with acne, eczema and other inflammatory responses from topical and oral CBD. 

NYDG Internal Health & Wellness, NYC office

NYDG Internal Health & Wellness, NYC office

WLM:  Do you incorporate CBD into any of your treatments? 

LH:  At NYDG Wellness we are working on incorporating CBD into our facial treatments. Stay tuned for an announcement this spring!  

WLM:  Have you given a CBD massage or facial?

LH: I have personally used CBD for at home face masks, facials and massages.

WLM:  Do you have future plans for new CBD products in your wellness center?

LH:  We have a new product launch in the Spring but the press release hasn’t been released yet so stay tuned.

Lauren’s go-to CBD Fix : East Fork Cultivars CBD Drops

Lauren’s go-to CBD Fix : East Fork Cultivars CBD Drops

WLM:  If you had to pick one CBD product, what would it be?

LH:  I am so excited about the products being launched this Spring at our wellness clinic. I also love East Fork Cultivars!

WLM:  This is Women's Month and the theme is the better the balance, the better the world. #balanceforbetter. What tips would you give fellow women to help them achieve more prominent roles in the workplace? 

LH:  To put your best foot forward and work your hardest. Confidence is key! To know you have the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to it. 

WLM:  Have you experienced any barriers as a female in terms of leadership? If it has affected you, how did you overcome those barriers?

LH:  I strongly believe in being an advocate for yourself, and addressing obstacles that come your way even when you may feel uncomfortable. 

WLM:  Who are your female role models?

LH:  My mother has always been my role model. Her strength and guidance has empowered me to be confident and comfortable in any situation that comes my way! I meet so many amazing female patients who prioritize family, work, and still make time for self-care. 

WLM:  What keeps you up at night? 

LH:  I make a conscious effort to not lose sleep over things. Sleep is such a vital time to recharge and heal the body. Thankfully I have learned to hit the snooze button on thoughts at night with meditation and CBD. 

WLM:  What keeps you going during the day?

LH:  1. A matcha latte with CBD. 2. The desire to help, heal, and motivate individuals to know how important it is become your own health advocate, to invest the time in your health, and to explore new pathways to do so!

WLM:  What advice do you give women who are trying to get ahead in their career?

LH:  Keep going! There will always be an obstacle in your way. How you choose to overcome the obstacle is the question. Growing up, my mother would always say "create a life you love to look at”. It stuck with me, to know anything is possible, you just have to do it!

WLM:  Thank you so much for your time and insights, Lauren. 

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