Celebrating Women's History in the Making : Conversation 9

Continuing our month-long celebration of women, we sat down with Samantha Sisca, Founder and CEO of Social Sunday.  She’s a CBD lover and a has a serious passion for girl gangs.


WLM: Tell us about what got you started with CBD?

SS: My first experience with CBD was in San Francisco several years ago with a CBD vape pen. My friends were ordering from a delivery service and the salesperson mentioned a new product, the CBD vape pen, which would provide calming effects without the psychoactive effects of THC.  It was great because I loved the calming effects and did not experience the paranoia I would normally feel from THC. I could not stop raving about my newfound love for CBD once I was back on the East Coast. Now, White Label CBD products are part of my daily routines.

WLM: How has CBD helped your day-to-day life?

SS: CBD has become a staple in my daily routines. The lower-mid dose of 700mg CBD tinctures really helps to ease my anxiety and stress during the day as well as give me clarity and focus. The higher dose of 1000-1500mg CBD tinctures also helps me relax and prepare me for a good night’s sleep.

WLM: What’s your recommendation for using CBD for the first time? What advice would you give new users on how to dose and what to expect?

SS: In my experience, you do not notice effects instantaneously, however, CBD impacts everyone differently.  I found that after taking CBD consistently over time, the effects started to appear. I suggest giving the products a chance; take it regularly, experiment with doses, and I assure you that you will feel results.  

WLM: What advice would you give fellow women to help them achieve more prominent roles in the workplace?

SS: My advice is to not be afraid to have the tough conversations. Ask for feedback and make the most of your performance reviews. If there is something outside of your scope that you are interested in working on and feel you can add value, ask to be a part of it. Always keep learning and growing your skills. Take time to really understand your strengths and weaknesses. Be confident!

WLM: Who are your female role models?

SS: There are so many women who I look up to. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is one of my top role models. She keeps it real and has done incredible things with her business and all without any outside investment. She is very inspiring and I love her mission to empower women.

WLM: What keeps you up at night?

SS: I used to have a lot of trouble with insomnia but between a healthy diet, exercise, meditating, and of course, CBD I have been able to keep it under control. A good night’s rest is so important. That said, sometimes creativity sparks at night and I just have to go with it.

WLM: What keeps you going during the day?

SS: I have my best days when I do not stray from my routine so meditating with the Calm App in the morning, green tea, a prioritized to-do list, lots of water, a work out class, and some Dazey CBD.  As an entrepreneur, there are many ups and downs but the mission of my brand, Social Sunday, really keeps me going; inspiring people with positive sayings and spreading the message of kindness!

WLM: What advice do you give women who are trying to get ahead in their career?

SS: You are going to face challenges in business every day but handle them as they come and keep going, do not sweat the small stuff. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, you cannot grow if you stay in your comfort zone. There is power in community so make sure to network and find your tribe.

WLM:  Thank you so much for your insights and your leadership in our industry. Before we wrap up, would you strike the #balanceforbetter pose?

Sam Sisca (right) with Sylvie Eskridge, Social Sunday Graphic Designer

Sam Sisca (right) with Sylvie Eskridge, Social Sunday Graphic Designer