Kim K’s Baby Shower, If We Planned It

kim kardashian-west

If you’ve been living under a pop culture rock, celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian is expecting baby #4 with her husband, Kanye West, very soon. While she may not be carrying the baby herself this round, enlisting the help of a surrogate, she’s still ready to let go of the mama stress on the pending due date and have what she’s coined a “CBD Baby Shower”. 

So, what exactly is a CBD baby shower, you wonder? 

While we couldn’t get ahold of Mrs. Kardashian-West, we were able to piece together our own assumptions based off of what she’s mentioned to the press will be on the shower’s agenda. 

Here’s what we think could be expected (or, in our dreamy minds, can only hope to expect): 


An assortment of feel-good crystals. 

After all, she did say she wants a tea ceremony with crystals, right? If we didn’t know better we’d say that since she wants to be relaxed completely, while celebrating the soon-to-be-born baby, she’d have some Rose Quartz on hand. Rose Quartz is known to ease the heart chakra, leading the pathways that give/receive love to flow more openly. Also, there’d have to be some Moonstone in the mix as it is the stone of fertility, after all. As for the tea, we bet she’ll add a few scoops of Soothe Recovery Mix into the pot to help lower tensions and have every one feeling good. 

pal Santo

Warding off bad vibes with Palo Santo. 

Palo Santo is sourced from a wild tree hailing from South America and is known as the “holy stick”. For centuries, it has been used in ceremonies to keep energies grounded and clear. Much like sage, it is enjoyed by many wellness folks for its cleansing properties. Cleansing, in this case, means warding off bad energies, bringing a lightness into any space. Palo Santo is also said to bring good fortune. With all that, why wouldn’t it be on hand at such a monumental event? For anyone not lucky enough to breathe in burning Palo Santo next to Kim K, try the Aurelian Palo Santo Roll-on for times you want to ward off bad juju (or the office gossiper). 

recess cocktails

Deliciously chill cocktails.

In the words of Kim herself: “It’s not like anyone’s pregnant”. So, yes, we can expect drinks at this baby shower, and drinks fit for the star herself. In our heads, we can see Kim and her closest circle sipping on delicious, craft cocktails. Something like their take on a vodka and soda — perhaps Recess’ Blackberry Chai CBD infused sparkling water with a hint of flavored vodka topped with a frozen ice pop. It goes perfectly with the theme, if you ask us.

Massages with mama. 

If there’s one major takeaway from Kim’s comment to the press it’s that she wants massages to happen. The lady wants to kick back, and release all tensions. Since it will be a CBD themed shower, we’re going to say that the oil used during the massages will definitely feature some CBD massage oil, we imagine she’ll enlist  Mary’s Nutritionals Hemp Massage Oil. It features 50 mg of full spectrum hemp extract, is unscented, and is chockfull of good-for-your-skin ingredients like Sunflower Seed Oil. That’s a recipe for not only feeling loosened up and chill, but having a coveted glow as well.  


A sweet tooth center.

…But keep it healthy. What CBD baby shower would be complete without something sweetly decadent and infused with cannabidiol? Not this one, that’s for sure. Instead of the usual petite, bite-sized tarts or oversized cakes synonymous with the day, we picture a much cooler, trendier route. For instance, a tasting room with a chocolate fountain paired with ripe, fresh fruit and perfectly pulled apart Grön chocolates. These chocolates are not only fair-trade, and vegan, they also include CBD. Pretty much a guaranteed hit. There will no doubt be vanilla cupcakes that have been ever-so-generously dripped with Juna CBD Nude Drops


So there you have it, our completely dreamed up version of the turnout for Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. Needless to say, we’re really excited to see what will actually be on the agen