Frequently Asked Dosing Questions

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We have been receiving a number of questions about how much cannabidiol (CBD) to use and what effects are to be expected. So we sat down with our brand curator and in-house educator and "absorption specialist", Liv Vasquez, to try to gain some more knowledge on these topics. Please note that the information presented here is not meant as a substitute for, or alternative to, information from your health care practitioner, the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please see more important information here.

WLM: What are the differences between dosage for CBD and medication generally?

LV: When you take over-the-counter or prescription medication, the package typically clearly tells you how much to take and how much is too much, but CBD dosing is often different. Further complicating matters, there are a lot of CBD products on the market that don't accurately label what they contain, making it more difficult to measure out an accurate dose (WLM evaluates lab test results before offering products for sale to ensure accurate labeling and quality of ingredients). Also, CBD comes in so many different forms and can be consumed topically, digestively, sublingually, or inhaled. All of those forms absorb differently, so they might be more or less effective with a given dosage amount.

WLM: Can you tell us more about absorption?

LV:  Current research has shown that we have different receptors all over our bodies that absorb, interact with, and interpret CBD differently. Absorption can depend on a lot of different things like the consumer, the way the product was produced, the way that the CBD was derived, and how the product is applied / consumed. 5mg of CBD used topically can give a different effect than 5mg in an edible.

WLM: We’ve had questions from a number of people who are seeking to address body pain and skin irritation. Where should they start?

LV: Topical products offer myriad benefits and are a great place to start incorporating CBD into a regular routine.Topicals are made to help with inflamed and irritated skin and localized muscle soreness. That said, it is important with topicals to understand the other ingredients contained in the product as disclosed on the label. At WLM, we make sure that our CBD soaking salts, luxury skin care, and other topicals use high quality ingredients and have lab test results to validate the quality and amount of the CBD contained in the product. Since most topicals are not designed to absorb into the bloodstream (unless you are using a transdermal patch) the amount of CBD that you would typically find in a topical may be higher. 10mg to 50mg of CBD in a topical application can have skin and muscles feeling great, but if you had that amount of CBD in a tincture or edible, you could have a different result.  

WLM: Speaking of which, what should people know about tinctures and edibles?

LV: You have probably seen lots of tiny dropper bottles in your search for CBD. These are usually a "tincture". Tinctures are generally made with an oil or glycerin as the carrier for the CBD. Tinctures are popular because sublingual (under the tongue) application has been said to be the best way to absorb CBD into the bloodstream, which typically helps give you the effect quicker than an edible that has to go through your digestive system. CBD edibles can have effects that last longer and come in all kinds of forms. At WLM, we have a wide variety of choices from Müru cocktail mixers to Grön single-source dark chocolate raspberry bars, so they can also add some excitement to your CBD routine. The industry standard microdose is 5mg, so I think this is a great place to start with edibles and tinctures.A consumer could maintain that 5mg dose or increase that amount over time and see how they feel. 

WLM: What can you tell us about vaporizer devices? 

LV: Vaporizer devices, or vapes, are another popular method of ingesting CBD. Vape pens, like our Soothe, Wildflower, BKLYN CBD, and House of Grō pens, can be a discreet way to have CBD on the go that may work as spot treatment for anxiety and pain. Vape pens are intended to absorb into our lungs and as a sublingual, so they can work very quickly, but their effects can also dissolve in our system a bit faster. As a result, people often use a pen a few times throughout their day. Dosing with vape pens can sometimes be a bit tougher to do since they all have different dosages and you can't always measure your consumption as effectively as with a dropper or piece of chocolate. So I find it is best to start with one five second puff. Most vape pens tend to measure their dosage in a five second draw. With certain products, like our Wildflower pens, you will get an indication, such as a flashing light or automatic shutoff, indicating you have consumed the indicated dosage.\

WLM: What should someone expect when taking CBD?

LV:  In my experience, CBD is not intoxicating but it can be very relaxing. The research I have studied has shown that CBD may lower blood pressure and blood sugar and help with inflammation in the entire body, especially when taken orally. With all of these things working together, this could really help soothe your body and mind. Because of the relaxation effect, I think best to start experimenting with CBD at the end of your day, right before bed.CBD has been shown to work best when used over time. Once you start a regular regime you are likely to see more and more benefits as time goes on. I think it’s a good idea to use a journal to document your progress, noting what products you use, what amounts you use, and how you feel over time.


  • Product - Grön Capsaicin Body Balm (Topical)

  • Amount Applied - Approximately 20mgs CBD

  • Intended Benefit – Mitigation of lower back pain

  • Application – Used each night topically for 14 days

  • Result - After 2 weeks experienced more mobility and less pain

WLM: Thank you so much, Liv. We have found this incredibly helpful.

LV: My pleasure. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

We hope that you have found the above information as useful as we did. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at