A Weekly Bath Ritual That Will Soothe Your Soul 

bath 5.png

No matter how your week panned out, whether you had crazy deadlines to meet, or just took a trip to Bali (jealous but that’s fine), there’s one thing that is always important to do: self-care. While there are thousands of ways for you to take a moment and dedicate time to checking in, making sure everything is balanced, and you’re feeling okay, we have a personal favorite. That’s a tried-and-true bath time routine that will not only relax you, but kickstart you for the next day with vigor. 

Taking a bath allows you to pause, and reflect. You can quiet your mind, be surrounded by the warmth of the water, and unwind with a book or podcast. The best part? You can customize your bath routine to suit your own personal preferences. 

Today, we want to give you a rough outline of a bath routine that is guaranteed to leave you feeling like you went to the day spa. 

Here’s the way to do it: 

1. Start by filling the tub and adding bath salts. 

There is nothing more soothing than a bath with some beneficial aromatherapy salts. Bath salts are basically magic. They contain high levels of nutrients, namely Magnesium, which are all sorts of beneficial for your skin. The use of bath salts have been proven to not only reduce redness in the skin, but leave it feeling more moisturized than before. This means while you’re just laying in the tub unassumingly, you’re also letting your skin get some TLC. Win-win. 

One of the best aromatherapy bath salts is Fine Healing Good’s Himalayan Bath Soak. It’s rich in minerals, and infused with 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD. That results in a deep chill session. After all, CBD has been shown to help ease tension from stress, and influence a calmer state of mind, thanks to its interaction with receptors throughout our bodies. 

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2. Set the mood with a podcast, book or meditation.

Another way to help clear your mind from today’s stressors and tomorrow’s worries is to be present. Do this by downloading your favorite podcast, and listening to the latest episode, or reading a book. 


3. Give yourself a mini facial. 

While you treat your body to a delightful CBD-infused bath, why not treat your face, too? One of the best ways to get the most out of a bath, is multi-tasking, after all. While you’re embracing the warmth, throw on a mask to get your glow on. One that we personally love is Gron’s Moisturizing Face Mask. It contains a mix of natural clays, which moisturize and exfoliate the skin. Plus, it has deeply nourishing plant-based oils like Argan and CBD. It contains 240 mg of CBD, which will help clear your skin of any blemishes that may have popped up during the week thanks to its natural ability to ease flare-ups.

4. Finish up with a full body massage.

After you’ve lazed around for thirty minutes or okay, let’s be real, an hour, you can now leave the bath feeling completely refreshed. But, if you want to make the most of it, then we always suggest finishing strong with a self-given body massage.  

To do this, use a body oil of choice —we really like Mary’s Nutritionals Hemp Massage Oil. Then, the following steps:

  1. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount in your hands, and while your skin is still wet, start to apply it. 

  2. Work in circular motions from your feet all the way to your neck. If you need to reapply more oil, go for it! 

  3. Once you’re done, let the oil dry on its own. You’ll be left with to-the-touch soft skin and a gentle glow.

Now that you have the basics on how to have a major good bath time, go on and apply them! You can mix the steps up, take one out, or even add to them. In the end, the best way to enjoy, and get the most out of, your bath time is to have a clear mind, and choose things that will make you the happiest.