BEHIND THE SCENES At Kim Kardashian West's CBD Baby Shower


Kim Kardashian’s baby shower happened, and it was as good as we speculated it would be. While some items that we predicted would be there weren’t in attendance, there was something we didn’t expect: a 10-minute sound bathing ritual. Yep, she asked her close friends and family to chill out momentarily and meditate. Also present? The promised CBD. Not just any kind either, she had a Grön chocolate fountain, exactly as we dreamt she would. 

This tidbit struck our curiosity, and we just had to know more. So, we reached out to our good friend Jenna Rice over at Grön CBD who was present at Kim Kardashian’s shower (so jealous!) to get an insider’s scoop on the day. Here’s what went on:

Jenna let us know that she was able to partake in the day because Kim chose to use an event planning provider, Hello MD, who happens to have worked with Grön since they met at our CBD Holiday Market in New York City this past December. As fate would have it, they presented Kim with a selection of chocolates and she picked Grön as her go-to for the festivities. 


Getting the chocolate fountain underway was no small feat. According to Jenna, the team prepared 70 pounds of chocolate for a 7-tier fountain. They worked hard the night before preparing a dip-worthy spread of fruit, herbs, and nuts. Aside from just the fountain, Mrs. West also craved some other goodies, such as handmade vegan hazelnut chocolate ganache cups with coconut whipped cream that were rimmed in tempered dark chocolate. The Grön team also worked with Blue Star Doughnuts — located in Venice Beach — to make specialty mini doughnuts topped with cinnamon, sugar and cardamom for dipping in the chocolate. The assortment wouldn’t be complete without macaroons from the star’s favorite bakery,La Tropezienne, in West Hollywood. So those were on the list of chocolate-dip treats, too. 

We’re not drooling, you’re drooling. 

When we asked how people responded to the chocolate fountain and it being infused with CBD oil, the response was “excitement”. They loved that “the chocolate used was vegan, and dark”. The apparent winner of the dipping treats? The mini doughnuts. 

When it came to understanding CBD, Jenna’s team did get several inquiries. She let us know that “people were very interested in understanding how CBD can help them and why should they take it”. She also relayed that she was asked some interesting, but totally in place, questions, like if CBD helps with arousal. To which Jenna says she answered: “I let people know that CBD is incredibly individual and it takes time to try different types of products to learn how your body will benefit from CBD use.”

In the end, we couldn’t be happier that people not only partook in eating CBD treats, but were actively interested in learning about it. Our interview wrapped up with us asking Jenna about how she thinks the exposure from this event will help the industry. To her, she believes it will “help all of us normalize the conversation about CBD, hemp and cannabis. The more people that see that CBD is not something to be scared of, the better it is for all of us. By developing these conversations on a public forum, we can help educate the public.”

She did let us know that some people passed on trying the CBD chocolates because “they had to drive”. This, highlights the fact that education is still very much needed. In response, Jenna said that she “let them know that CBD is non-intoxicating and their senses will not be impaired.” She added that she “handed out samples to those [who didn’t participate] so they could try CBD in the comfort of their own home and gauge how it will or won’t affect them.”

Kim Kardashian’s baby shower truly took the awareness of CBD to another level since she is such a publicly loved and respected figure. This is definitely a big step towards going fully mainstream. Jenna’s final words on how this move from the star trend-setter will impact the future of CBD were: “Exposure on this level helps the CBD industry be more approachable and takes away the initial fear that the majority of Americans still have about CBD.”

So there you have it, dreams brought to life. Cheers to Kim’s 4th child and an all-together successful (and envy-instilling) baby shower!