It All Started with One Restorative Bath - an Interview with Rachel Daugherty, founder of Fine Healing Goods

We recently launched a brand that we couldn’t be more excited about: Fine Healing Goods. The label carries amazing, all-natural, and CBD-infused products for your skin, in addition to premium wellness drops, which has become one of our go-to tinctures. To help bring a face to the company, we were able to sit down with its CEO and founder, Rachel Daugherty, and discuss the brand plus all things CBD. 

Rachel Daugherty, founder

Rachel Daugherty, founder

WLM: What inspired you to start FHG?

Rachel: CBD helped me heal from mental and physical pain after my journey with infertility. I wanted other women to know this all-natural relief is real and effective. I wanted to share with as many women as I could that relief doesn’t exist in a bottle of wine and a Xanax. Trust me, I tried.

WLM: What is your goal for FHG as a brand?

Rachel: My mission as a woman-owned and operated business is to encourage people to see cannabis differently while creating an approachable brand. I want to educate consumers on CBD benefits, social responsibility, and earth-friendly practices. Decriminalization and minority inclusivity are also high on my list. 

WLM: How long have you been using CBD? Did you start using it for a specific reason?

Rachel: Over the course of 12 years, I tried unsuccessfully to start a family. The physical pain, anxiety, and stress produced by 3 IVF cycles, 6 miscarriages, and 4 surgeries left me yearning for relief and healing. Despite years of encouragement from my husband to try CBD, I struggled with the stigma that follows cannabis. After finally trying a CBD bath, the relief was so immense, I decided immediately that I wanted to be a part of the CBD movement.

WLM: How would you explain CBD to someone who doesn’t know what it is? 

Rachel: CBD is a safe, naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant that is non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and delivers therapeutic benefits by working to restore your body’s natural system of balance.

WLM: What are your top 3 favorite benefits of CBD?

Rachel: Anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, and a sense of focus and alertness.

WLM: What are the largest misconceptions you hear about CBD in your industry?

Rachel: Two of the biggest misconceptions that I hear repeatedly are the following: 

1) There is zero THC in full spectrum CBD. That’s just not true. It may be undetectable below the legal limit of 0.3%. It may register as 0% on a certificate of analysis. But full spectrum means “full-spectrum” - CBD is not isolated, and so the extract has multiple beneficial cannabinoids, including small amounts of THC. I find it utterly important to be transparent about that fact. 

2) CBD is non-psychoactive. Technically CBD is non-intoxicating, because CBD does have a psychoactive effect, which is why it helps to relax people, calm them. It works with the serotonin in your brain. 


WLM: Tell us a little bit about your products - what goes into making them? 

Rachel: All of our hemp is grown and processed with the same family farm in Loveland, CO. We know the people in the fields, we know the lab techs, and we work with a very special molecular architect in creating each product. We know who touches our line from seed to sale, and it is important for us to continue in this small batch mentality so that every detail remains intentional, responsible, and ethical along the way.

WLM: What makes your products different than other skincare options on the market? 

Rachel: Our products are not just something that you use, they are something that you experience. Our all-natural products are thoughtfully formulated with organic ingredients shown in studies to relax, calm, and invigorate you.  Our Nourishing Body Cream has 800mg CBD in our 8 oz. bottle, making it 8x more potent than leading brands – you experience the difference as soon as you put it on and for hours after applying. Aside from that fact, our overall approach values social and economic responsibility. Since the very beginning, we have partnered with family farmers and ethical suppliers using recycled and recyclable materials, biodegradable packaging, and plant-based inks for 100% US-sourced materials. 

We are working on becoming a certified B Corp — a business that balances purpose and profit, considering the impacts of business on the environment, suppliers, customers, and communities. We believe that, if we are going to be producing products made from plants, we should be protecting not only the planet they grow on, but the people that rely on it. We give a portion of our proceeds to assist individuals incarcerated for non-violent marijuana crimes. We cannot ethically benefit from the proceeds of this plant and not look out for others who were simply trying to enjoy or medicate as well. We want to use Fine Healing Goods as a force for good.

FINE HEALING GOODS - Nourishing Body Cream
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WLM: What can CBD do to the skin when used topically? What does blending with other natural ingredients accomplish?

Rachel: As an anti-inflammatory compound, it calms and soothes irritation, reduces redness, and even improves symptoms of conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Working with other proven natural ingredients like lavender and eucalyptus, the CBD in our topical products delivers an enhanced therapeutic effect to benefit the body and help to restore its wellbeing.

WLM: We’d love to hear about your own skincare routine, can you tell us what that looks like?

Rachel: My preferred routine uses all of our products, of course! There are a few parts to it, so let me break it down for anyone who wants to try it out. 

Step 1: In the evenings, first I rinse off in the shower to get rid of the day’s impurities. Then, I liberally apply the Soothing Body Exfoliant all over and leave it on. While the scrub penetrates my skin, I run a warm bath and fill it with our Restorative Himalayan Bath Soak. My trick here is to get in the bath with the exfoliant still on my skin to soak in – this gives me the extra benefit of more absorption.

 Step 2: While I relax in the tub with the soothing scent and the soft feeling of the water, I experience not what it makes me feel, but what it doesn’t make me feel. As every inch of my skin takes in the relaxation and calm, the anxiety and stress of the day melt away. After a 20-30 minute soak, I slowly end my bath, and dry off before my last step. 

Step 3: Before I climb into bed, I gently rub the Nourishing Body Cream into any acute aches and pains. For example, I will rub it into my feet after a long day or on my lower back if I had a tough workout. 

This evening routine helps my skin to stay moisturized, balanced, and healthy. In addition to focusing on my body, I also use our original Wellness Drops, with only organic coconut oil and hemp extract as the ingredients, as a facial serum. Our drops can be used sublingually and topically, and I find it helps clear my skin and calm it down as CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory and has great antioxidant properties. 

FINE HEALING GOODS - Lemon Wellness Drops
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WLM: What would you tell someone who is interested in trying CBD on their routine? Can you give them product usage tips?

Rachel: CBD is very versatile, as its primary benefit is helping your body balance itself. Use our Nourishing Body Cream for skin irritations and daily moisturizing, our Soothing Body Exfoliant to remove dull skin, and our Restorative Himalayan Bath Soak for full-body benefit. 

When it comes to trying a tincture (such as our Wellness Drops), it is important to start low and increase dosage as needed to find the right dose for you. Although you cannot overdose on CBD - the excess is expelled from the body, as it doesn’t use what it doesn’t need -  taking a higher dose than you need is generally just wasting product.

Most importantly, know the product you are using on your body. Buy from a company whose hemp is organically grown on a US farm and who is transparent about the quality of the oil they use by sharing the third-party certificates of analysis. 

WLM: Now for a fun question: Which treat do you prefer, CBD chocolates or CBD gummies? 

Rachel: Chocolate 100%! It is rich treat, melts in my mouth, and the fat content makes it a great carrier for higher bioavailability of CBD.


We hope you enjoyed this introduction to Fine Healing Goods! Interested in trying Rachel’s evening routine? Find all the products here