Your Dad has jokes, we've got gifts: The Father's Day Gift Guide

Somehow, it’s already June. While this means longer days and warmer weather, it also means that Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re anything like us, it’s always a puzzle figuring out what to get the dude who gave you (or your kids) life. Another year, another pair of socks? What about a quirky razor set? The questions are endless. 

To help keep things more sane, and to really impress the Dad in your life, we put together a guide that will leave the perfect gift in his hands. Because trust us, when he says he likes the socks, it’s him being nice, no one likes the socks. 

No matter the type, the environmentally cool Dad or music-loving Dad, we listed ‘em all below. So all you need to do is scroll, stereotype him (it’s fun, promise), and find the ideal present. 

 Let’s get to it. 



Is the Dad in your life always on-the-go? Either outside running, or inside at the gym getting his gains on? Then we for sure have the gift for him. Make sure dad gets the protein he needs to hit his fitness goals, and some CBD to keep him chill. Plus the CBD protein supplements and topicals will help with his recoveries, after all no one wants to see him sore and complaining about it. 



This is the Dad always cracking really lame jokes, assuring you that you’re a winner, and coming around when you have a flat tire. The classic Dad. 

Since he’s classic, he’s probably practical too. The man most likely has all he needs and rarely spends excessively. So, you should replicate his ways and give him a traditional present with a twist. That would be a CBD-infused After Shave Cream. Why not shake his world up a little and make him “hip like the cool kids”? Try this one from Crow Point Apothecary.

Pretty sure that he will love it no matter what, since that’s just the way he is. 



Is he the type to kick back with a beer, put on some vinyl, and jam out to the tunes playing? Then, he’s what we call the alternative one. He is really on top of trending cultural news, always has a song suggestion, and dresses well. 

What to do for him? Well, if he is the plaid shirt wearing, beard growing, cool guy we think he is, there’s only one awesome gift on hand: CBD-infused beard oil. 

You’ll keep his facial hair smooth and mellow, just like him. 



Is he the type of Dad that’s always rambling on about a new superfood you have to try or lives out of his reusable lunch container and matching insulated water bottle? Then you have yourself a certified wellness type. He’s always down for an adventure, and concerned about  the environment. So, what to get him when he doesn’t care for labels or expensive things? You don’t get him anything, of course. You make him something! 

That something would be CBD-infused no-bake peanut butter protein balls. Here’s how to make them: 

We hope you got an idea or two to gift to the Dad in your life. If you’re still lost, feel free to browse our CBD pantry offerings here. We mean, who has ever complained about getting delicious sweets?