Wondering If You Can Take CBD On Planes? Read This First. 

Oh, summer time. It’s finally the perfect opportunity for you to take those vacation days you’ve hoarded through the winter, and get out of the office for a bit. While for many of us it’s an exciting time, if you’re someone who deals with flying anxiety it may be a little less so. From the fear of heights to fear of turbulence, we get it, it can be stressful. So, what’s one thing that can help out? Your handy CBD of choice, of course. But… Is it legal to bring on planes, you wonder? Let’s touch base on that today. 


Cannabis & Check-Points: What’s Allowed.

While there are a number of states within the USA that allow recreational use of marijuana, it is still illegal to bring those products across state lines. So no, if you go to California you can’t bring back those sick, gourmet pot brownies you picked up. Cannabis products that have THC content are a no-go. For this news, we’re sorry. 

As for hemp-derived CBD, things get a little bit more complicated.

If you’re thinking: “doesn’t hemp contain THC?” right now, then congrats, this is what we mean when we say “complicated”. Let us explain. 

The answer is yes, hemp may contain THC. The thing to note, though, is that it doesn’t contain anywhere near the amounts in those THC treats from Cali or Colorado. In fact, all hemp-based CBD products are mandated to contain 0.3%or less of THC to be considered legal federally.  And, according to the TSA, it’s trying to stay relevant, and implement a bit more leniency. Since it’s a federal agency it has the right to choose what it allows through security and it’s doing just that. They’ve recently said: “okay guys, fine” to anyone carrying hemp-derived CBD products onto a plane, such as Epidiolexthat treats epilepsy. Their only mandate? That the products fall in line with the standards set by the Farm Bill of 2018.  

While this is cool and all, you’re not off the hook just yet, sadly. To them, anything that contains trace amounts of THC is still considered illegal and technically banned. So, since products that don’t use CBD isolates — which is what Epidiolex uses — may contain up to that aforementioned 0.3% trace amount of THC, technically speaking, they’re not allowed on the plane. 

If your head hurts from all these red tape procedures, here’s what was said in a statement from the TSA: “the final decision rests with the TSA officer on duty”. So in sum, yes, you can bring your CBD products on a plane, but there may be that off chance you get a TSA officer who shakes his head “no” like your dad when you tried sneaking alcohol out of the house in high school. Our advice? Proceed with caution. While there aren’t believed to be any legal side effects, as in no jail time, you will be asked to throw away your CBD product. *Cue the tear works*. 

Are There Alternatives? 

For anyone reading this and thinking: “There’s a risk? Heck no, I can’t have more anxiety than I already experience while traveling!”, here’s what we suggest as a workaround (assuming you are in a CBD-friendly state). 

Grab yourself something edible like these on-the-go Grateful CBD-Infused Chocolate Truffles. The serving size and throw-in-bag ready packaging makes it convenient for this. Then, right as you’re arriving to the airport, snack on them. By the time you pass through security, and get to the gate, the CBD should have kicked in and your chillness should be right on time for a smooth flight. 

Happy vacationing!