Meet the Twins Behind Best Bud, Our Newest Addition

We’re excited to put the spotlight on the founders of our latest brand launch, Best Bud. The two ladies behind this awesome, contemporary-designed CBD brand are none other than twin sisters Ashley and Carly. We had the pleasure to chat with them one evening recently to discuss what drove them to start the brand together, and all things CBD. The founder duo is a sheer delight; bringing a charismatic energy that bounces from one to the other, and made us want to continue the conversation far longer than time allowed. 

Get ready to fall in love with them, too. 


WLM: What drove your mutual passion for starting a CBD company?  

Ashley: I started taking CBD after giving birth to my son because I had intense joint pain. I thought it would get better, but it never did. Someone mentioned CBD to me and i was shocked how quickly it worked - my joint pain was gone within a few weeks.. I told Carly about my experience, and she started to take it more seriously, too.

Carly: Yeah, I had used it before sporadically, and when Ashley had the success she hadt, I went all-in. We started researching CBD and hemp in general and began brainstorming about creating Best Bud. We both realized hemp touched on a lot of things we were already passionate about: design, community, health/wellness, and the environment. So, it was a natural progression from there.

WLM: What are some of your favorite benefits of CBD?

Ashley: People don’t really talk about how you should take it consistently to get the most out of it. There are new benefits i didn’t feel until after I took it every day for months.. One of the major benefits was that it made me more in tune with my body. Taking it has made me be more aware of all the areas I’ve had inflammation in my life. I also stopped having PMS cramps.

Carly: I think my path was a little different. But, it did make me more aware of inflammation overall. I went through years fertility treatments, which was very rough on my body and mental state. I was in a rough  spot,= — sad, and super hormonal. Once I started taking CBD, I noticed that I felt even for first time in a long time, and balanced. To wake up and feel more even at last was incredible.

WLM: How do Best Bud products differ from others on the market?

Ashley: As a company, we’re not interested in having dozens of products - we have two productsfor a reason. We are focused  on simple products made with high quality, premium ingredients that arestraightforward, and easy to use. Our tincture is clear and almost tasteless. Perfect for someone who wants something that is non-oily and mild in flavor. We recently had a baker tell us how much she loves incorporating our Tincture in her recipes.

Carly: And more than that, we want to keep the brand approachable. Too many products often can overwhelm people. . A large part of our consumer based are using CBD for the first time, so we want to avoid trendy products and focus on effective products that people can incorporate in their daily wellness routines. For example, our All Over Oil can be used on all areas of the body. It’s minimalist chic. I think people are surprised by the fact I use it after a facial or as a daily moisturizer. The point is to keep things simple and approachable. : .


WLM: We see that your extract is clear — can you explain the process that goes into that? The benefits? 

Ashley: We source our hemp extract from a family-owned regenerative farm in New York’s Hudson Valley. The extract goes through two distinct distillation processes, to to remove  all of the impurities that you may normally get in CBD products. Hemp, as a plant, pulls out toxins from the air and soil. A lot ofpeople don’t realize  that this residue can get passed on to CBD consumers.  these . Our products are also 3rd-party tested  and we post these lab results on our website for transparency We wanted to create  products that become a staple in people’s wellness routines. We’re not interested in creating something that is here today, gone tomorrow.

Carly: Also, on the clear aspect of the extract: it really does  create a clean, fresh taste for the person consuming it.


WLM: How can someone who isn’t familiar with CBD start to use it and incorporate your products into their routine easily?

Carly: We have a travel set that’s a small version of each of our products. We encourage people to start with the kit because it gives them the option to see what they like.

Ashley: I think the idea is not only convenience, but to see what you may be drawn to the most - a topical or tincture - or both. We also want to encouragepeople touse CBD consistently, we’ve seen a lot of people expecting big results after just aa few sporadic uses, but it’s not until it’s used consistently that you see how it can really improve your well-being.


WLM: What have been two of your most frequently asked questions about CBD?

Carly: One question that I’ve gotten a lot is: ”Where do I start? I’ve been so curious and want to try, but I don’t know where to start.” People don’t know where to start or what to do. This is where we can point them to our 2 week CBD challenge and the Travel Set.

Ashley: A question i keep getting is “How do you take it and for what?” This has led us to create a ”How do I dose?” section on our website - to give users a  a log on how different people are using CBD and how it is helping someone personally. It gives ideas to others on how to incorporate it. Right now, it’s just our personal stories but we plan on interviewing other and learning more about their stories and experiences using CBD.

WLM: Your extract contains a range of cannabinoids — can you touch on which ones they are for us and top level about what each does? 

Ashley: I’ll touch on the main ones in a to level way for people to understand:

  • CBD - Non-intoxicating and reduces inflammation

  • CBN - Mildly intoxicating with a sedative effect

  • CBC - Non-intoxicating. Works best with THC. For pain relief and potentially combating acne. It has been shown to have neuron-generative properties, and to block pain in collagen-induced osteoporosis.

  •  CBG - Non-intoxicating. It reacts with receptors in the brain. Fights nausea and pain.  Also, neuro-protective properties. Studies around show how it can help patients with glaucoma. Parent chemicals of CBD and THC are CBG. 

  •  THC - We all know this one.


WLM: Where do you guys see the future of CBD?

Carly: It’ll become more common and more available. I can see it at CVS or Walgreens. Also. as more cannabinoids are discovered and studied, you’ll see product lines curated around different cannabinoid blends. It could get really exciting and interesting, like wine or craft beer. .

Ashley: like other industriesI think you’ll see hyper-premium products as well as other lower-quality products that aim to be the cheapest to capitalize on the CBD boom. I think one of the main challenges  the industry faces is misrepresentation. It’ll take a while for things to sort themselves out, for regulations to be put into place. In the meantime there will be people that are mindful about what they put in their bodies that will be drawn to higher quality  products that they become loyal to and use as part of their daily wellness routine. There will also be people who won’t be brand loyal and will try whatever they can find that is most convenient and available. . 

WLM: Last one - Tell us how you each use CBD in your daily life!

Ashley: I use half a dropper of our tincture (approximately 10  mg) at morning and at night. So, 2x a day. I use more if I’m traveling or flying. I like to carry it with me to deal with the stress turbulence when I fly or daily pressure of city life. I use  the All Over Oil  after facial treatments, to help calm redness and inflammation. II also use it when I have cramps. I have put it on bug bites or a scratch to help heal the wound faster. I love finding new ways to use it. . 

Carly: I personally use the 600 mg tincture of ours, 2 to 3 times a day. That’s 30mg  of CBD a day. I take it in the morning, afternoon, and night. I use our All Over Oil every day. If I have my period, I’ll use it on my stomach. Most every day, I’m using it on my back, my neck, and my jaw.