Celebrating Women’s History in the Making : Conversation 1

It’s women’s history month, and to celebrate, all month long we’re highlighting some of the women that are creating the history of CBD. We’ll be talking to CBD producers and advocates. We’re also talking to our featured women about the #balanceforbetter movement and what it means to them. To kick off our month-long celebration of women, we sat down with one of our co-founders, Nicole Comis.

WLM:  When did you first become interested in CBD?

NC:       I became interested in CBD when my best friend and business partner recommended I try it. I’ve always had a level of anxiety and I’ve considered pharmaceutical medication but I never wanted to be dependent on prescriptions in that way. I decided to give CBD a try and I am so glad that I did. It has helped significantly with my patience, my clarity, and my overall mood. Some mornings I can’t believe I’m in such a great mood.  

WLM:  Tell us about your CBD regimen.

NC:       My daily regimen starts with 1 dropper (16.5 mg) of Grön lemon-lime tincture when I wake up. When I get to the office I make myself a peppermint tea with about 15 mg of Müru lemon elixir. Mid-afternoon I either have two to three Soothe gummies or one dropper of the House of Spain olive oil tincture. I always have a pen handy also - I love them all. Soothe, Wildflower, BKLYN CBD, and currently I have the brand new HIT by House of Grō  vape pen on me.

WLM:   What was your inspiration to start your CBD business?

NC:       What was most important, and really why we started our business, is the White Label Promiseand our dedication to it. At its core, it’s about making sure that all of the products we present to our customers are of the best quality. We thoroughly evaluate and then try each new product ourselves before we make it available for sale. Ethical production and business practices, no compromises when it comes to ingredients, accurate dosage and labeling, pleasant flavor, and the producer’s passion for their brand and products are each a priority when choosing our retail partners. We are current on all of the testing for each new batch that is in our inventory. We are constantly thinking about how to get CBD knowledge to our customers as well as ideas, such as recipes and demonstrations, to help people use the products we offer in a way that works best to address their needs and with their lifestyles. 

WLM:   What’s your recommendation for someone who has not used CBD before and is intrigued by it?

NC:       I would recommend giving CBD a try. I have not met one person that hasn’t had a positive experience. I would recommend knowing the dosage you’re taking and setting a reminder for 15 and 30 minutes from when you ingest the CBD to make note of how you feel. My rule of thumb is if you’re tired you’ve likely had a little too much (unless you want help with sleeping), if you feel no effect you likely need to try a little more, and if you feel great you nailed it!

WLM:   What advice would you give to new users on how to dose and what to expect?

NC:       I tell new users not to expect that sort of hazy and medicated feeling you often get if you took, say, a prescription anti-anxiety medication. For me, and I’ve had many others agree, it’s more of the absence of a feeling. The absence of the anxiety and the absence of the stress. 

WLM:   National women’s day is March 8th and the theme for many this year is #balanceisbetter calling for a more gender-balanced world. What’s the meaning of this to you?

NC:       My view is that we should strive for a world where there are no limits on people based on gender or any other difference between us. I truly believe we are all created equal and by empowering each one of us to reach our full potential we will make the world a better and happier place.

WLM :  Thanks for your time, Nicole. 

NC :     You are most welcome.  

WLM : Hey Nicole, before you go, strike the #balanceforbetter pose!


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